Winco PMB-13 Magnetic Bar with Plastic Base 13-Inch

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Product Description

has been a trusted and reliable brand in professional kitchens for over 20 years. Our commercial lines of products, ranging from tabletop to kitchen utensils to food preparation supplies, are used by all foodservice and hospitality industry experts worldwide. While our products are made to meet the high demands of a restaurant kitchen, we are excited to now make them available for the serious home chef.

February 10, 2020
I risked purchasing the 6-pack set braced for the reality that the negative reviewers were probably correct.

I wanted these for all the different scissors in my craft room and for my kitchen knives. I lost one bar to the screw channel snapping of simply by inserting a long skinny awl (smaller than channel opening) to mark location on wall. The hole left on the front face where the screw tightens down is too large to try to hang without the channel. I didn't attempt super gluing the channel back into place. The other 5 bars survived installation.

After a few days of use one of my kitchen bars came straight out of the wall anchor. What I discovered is the hardware isn't long enough to get a good tight fit into the wall. I went to the hardware store and bought 2" screws and appropriated matched anchors and reinstalled all 5 bars, praying the entire time another screw channel wouldn't snap off making the bar useless. I attached a photo showing how far the screw sticks out, no where near long enough for a secure fit to the wall.

I found the metal railings that extend the magnetism out worked well and were level clear across giving full use of the strip where the magnet runs. For this reason I gave two stars, otherwise I would have given one star and recommended not buying this product.

This product is cheaply made, hence its cheap price point. The poorly designed end screw channels would be an easy manufacturing fix by making the ends one solid piece of plastic, right now the ends are hollow offering no support to the very brittle screw channels. If you don't mind risking breaking one or two in the process of installation buy a set of these and be sure you have a couple more than you need to complete your project.

I got an email from the company asking if I was happy my purchase, when I replied that one was broken, they referred me to Amazon. Of course, I was 32 days out from purchase, missing the return deadline by 2 days.
Christine Craig
September 12, 2017
I really enjoy using my knifes now. I used to have them in a block on the counter but I had to many so I shoved them into the drawer. I was always very careful about reaching into the drawer to pick one up. Now they are on display and part of my kitchen. I think I my knives more now than before just because they are more visible and I like to pull them off and put them up again. I read the reviews for this item before purchasing and some thought the magnets were not strong but I find them quite strong and able to hold everything I put on them. Would purchase again.
March 28, 2017
When I purchased these magnetic bars they were the cheapest per inch delivered you could find anywhere. As it turned out they were also plenty strong, durable, and -- in the context of a garage wall -- sufficiently attractive. Very pleased! I use serious neodymium magnets for hefty tools but all of my little gewgaws (hex keys, jeweler's screwdrivers, optics, files, etc.) snap on to these just fine.

Some reviewers complained about:

Weak magnetism. These are definitely not rare earth magnets but they are plenty strong for their design and materials. I think there might be a problem with unreasonable expectations. You might not want to hang your heaviest 12" chef's knife or a pipe wrench off of these, but there is no way they would fail to securely hold a paring knife.

Dead spots. I purchased several and they are all quite magnetically uniform as one would expect from their design.

Shoddy construction. It isn't clear to me how these very simple items could be assembled incorrectly. Needless to say mine were all fine.

These are a great value if you aren't overly concerned with the cosmetics of your magnetic bar.
Just A Buyer
September 18, 2016
I purchased two 24 inch and one 13 inch magnetic bars . I'm comparing these to a couple wooden ones and one metal one I purchased about a year ago and paid more for all of those . These plastic ones are well constructed, came with the mounting hardware and were very easy to mount . Look good on the wall too . They hold knives as well or better than any of my others, were cheaper to buy, and I'm very pleased . If I had it to do over I would buy these instead of the others . I have a large number of knives and some very large chef knives (10-12 inch forged Carbon Steel blades) that these hold very well . The only problem was one had a corner chipped off but the shipping box had really been handled rough by FedX (really crushed and battered) so that wasn't the products fault . I was able to repair that with epoxy, but it would not have effected the use anyway. Got a better deal than I expected and would recommend to anyone .
Boris Starosta
November 14, 2016
The item is made of cheap materials, which is not unexpected. Unexpected was the poor construction/execution of manufacture. The metal rails that carry the "magnetism" are not finished nicely, with rough edges that can use some filing to smooth them out. Also the rails are not aligned properly, so the knives cannot touch all the rails, thus the magnetic hold is weak. The knives are held, but not strongly. If you were to accidentally bump up against a knife, it is likely to fall, with damage to knife and injury to nearby persons possible.

I took the item apart to see if I could fix the rail alignment, but it is not possible, because they are epoxied into position.

Will have to order another, better rail.


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