Summer Infant 3D Two Double Convenience Stroller, Black

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  • All aluminum frame, weighs less than 20lbs!
  • Stadium style seating holds up to 75lbs (combined weight), 2 large canopies that adjust independently – rear canopy features a mesh peek-a-boo window
  • One-hand 2-position recline, one-hand fold with auto lock and carry strap
  • Large storage basket, rear storage pockets, and parent cup holder
  • Front swivel smooth glide wheels, rear wheel locks

Product Description

Finally, a twin stroller that is as compact and lightweight as your convenience stroller! The 3D Two Double Convenience Stroller is perfect for parents with more than one child thanks to its -hand fold, -hand recline, and one of the most compact folds on the market. You'll never even know you're pushing a double. Tall extra padded handles

24, 2020
Not sure why the negative comments, I just got this stroller and my 20 month old and new born fits perfect in it. I mean I see a post about the child’s feet reaching the ground and maybe so but if the seat is all the way forward even with another stroller that may happen. If that’s the case maybe the kid is old enough to walk? This stroller is getting the job done my kids like it I like it and it’s affordable.
May 8, 2019
I have been enjoying this double stroller with my 3 years old boy and 1 and half old daughter so far. But there is one problem I have with this stroller right now, one of the tire needs to replace, I could return this stroller by May 11, 2018. But I like this stroller and want to keep it, I need a replacement of one set of the tire, don't know how to contact the seller or request a replacement part. If you see this, please contact me ASAP and let me know what's the next step I should take.
Katelynn D Pascoe
December 8, 2019
Cheaply made not worth asking price
The wheel fell off a month into use
I have two kids (a one year old and a three year old) who ride in the stroller and based on it being regular use i did not much longevity out of the stroller basically the window of opportunity expired and shortly there after the foam wheel fell of the wheel frame, as a parent living on a shoestring budget i honestly feel ripped off
Client d'
November 22, 2019
J'ai détesté ce produit, tellement que je l'ai revendu! Les roues ne sont pas assez solide pour supporter le poids de deux enfants (2 1/2 et 9mois!) Les sièges ne s'inclinent pas beaucoup, ils sont durs et inconfortables. La conduite est chaotique, ça prend beaucoup de force pour la faire rouler droit.
Aussi, après 2 semaines d'utilisation nous avons perdu une vis (de type industriel, donc difficilement remplaçable). Vraiment déçue.
Sierra B
October 18, 2019
I’ve had this stroller a total of 3 months at it has already broke. The back left wheel got so worn down (i used this stroller twice a day for an hour) that it came right off. I started having problems after about 8 weeks in but was able to fix it and then it started acting up again and always pulling to the left. The stroller is light weight which was good cause it was easier to throw away. I would never recommend the stroller to anybody. There is a good reason they only give you a month to return it and thats cause they know it will break soon. Bad product! Not worth thhe money!
Desirae T
May 21, 2018
I loved how compact this stroller was and easy to collapse but I’ve owned it less than a year and the bar joint on the left side is broken. So if you don’t plan on using it often maybe it will last but otherwise pay the money and get a better stroller (I emailed the seller a week ago and still no response, so disappointing).
Joy Marie
25, 2018
I absolutely love this stroller. It is easy to use. small and lightweight. it is comfortable for both babies. I just wish there was a cup holder and pockets. i just bought my own attachments
Francis Gratton
July 23, 2017
OK. First of all. I was sceptical buying this stroller with the bad comments it had in the reviews....

Most of them are wrong and exaggerated!

Let's see.

- Weels part.

Run well.
Found out it has a suspension (witch is funny)
Easy to install.

- Seats.

-Both ajustable.
-The front one can completely lean forward to give space to clip the baby into the back one.
-My 10 months old have plenty of space into the back one ( I almost can put another one like him in there)
-there is a foot rest for the back seat.

Has you cannot see in the pictures my 10months old son fits perfectly everywhere.!

And I bought a car seat adapter to fit my safety first car seat on it. And works almost perfectly !

- sun shields

-Upper one is awsome. Really big.
-lower one combined to the upper one enclose all the thing.
-lower seat only the upper par of the seat is covered.

- the foot rest of the front seat. Saw comments that says that the foot rest was not strong enough to for a 10month old to stay in a settled position.
Witch is not true. This person should have got a default in her stroller part. Because I tested it with Ky own weight (215lbs) and damn this thing is solid!

The one hand folding switch is awsome.
It fold as small as a regular umbrella stroller.
It fits well everywhere you want to store it.

Unfolding part is easy. Just lift the clip that olds it together and lift. Put your foot on the plastic part behind the stroller to lock it into position and done. 5 seconds.

It have a strap to be able to carry it like a bag.
Witch I don't recommend because the stroller weight at least 25lbs.

Other than that this is the best 249.99$ I ever spent!

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