New Deluxe Maple Wood Violin Shoulder Rest 3/4 4/4 Size

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  • Deluxe Maple Wood Violin Shoulder Rest 3/4 4/4 Size

Product Description

From the Manufacturer:
. It features simplified end member mechanisms, which allow for very fine adjustments
2. This Violin Shoulder Rest is strong, durable, and fully adjustable
3. The Comfortable Violin Shoulder Rest will be a good assistant for your performance
4. With this Violin Shoulder Rest, you shoulder will never feel tired or painful during the practice
. This Violin Shoulder Rest has a fine workmanship
6. Weight: 0g
Package Includes:
x Violin Shoulder Rest 3/4-4/4

June 4, 2020
The curve is backwards from what a human’s shoulders and neck are shaped while holding a violin. The feet don’t screw down near enough and I worry they’ll damage the finish on my axe in the case.
pamela clark
September 8, 2019
my daughter and i ordered this shoulder rest in a rush before school started back and orchestra began her 4th year playing violin. our purchase was based solely on our observance of the sale item, as summer just ended in a day and we had no time to research or even read reviews. the photo looked nice and i thought the price was a good deal so we checked out and hoped for a speedy delivery. as usual, with Amazon, we got it. it did look nice, more so than the photo allows it and it was wrapped nicely inside the packaging so we felt it had been taken well care of. it wasnt until she actually used it to play that she realized how nice it was. the curve of this particular shoulder rest positions it in an angle that is very comfortable for her and makes it easy for her to play. she told me she doesnt want to use any other brand or style than this, so would i please place an order for a back up and store the item number and description information for future purchases. she doesnt get overly excited about much of anything, but that night she went on and on about, not a very expensive violin or car i paid the down payment on, but her pretty new shoulder rest and how good it felt to play again after being gone for the summer. so, i think its a good item. shipped same day. good price. hassle free transaction. great product. great seller. thanks.
February 1, 2019
good quality. Just fit my violin.
January 31, 2019
Well, it works and is what it is. I can't say anything negative about the shoulder rest. That being said, I went with a more adjustable shoulder rest for my particular needs. This is a solid rest and will work well for most people.
David B
7, 2019
Contoured nicely. Matches too
September 21, 2017
I got this rest today, just a few minutes ago. The shipping was smooth and earlier than expected. I was worried that the feet would be hard plastic, but they are fine. They don't slip, but they are not as soft as feet that you'd find on an Everest. It had a weird plasticy smell to it when I opened the box, but that is minor. The quality is great. Upon close inspection, the gold paint on the place where the feet connect to the rest was chipped and messy around the edges, but again, that is minor. The wood flaming is nice, and the rest itself is different from what I'm used to, but still comfortable, although I wish the padding was a bit thicker.

**I did end up paying $21 for this shoulder rest when shipping was included, and I honestly don't think that this is necessarily worth that much. This is the only thing that disappointed me, however! :)**

Overall, I would recommend you buy this if you are trying out different rests to find one that fits you. Be warned, this rest is not for everyone!!

Mr. and Mrs.G
October 8, 2017
I spent $75 on a Mach 1 wooden shoulder rest for my viola over 10 years ago and have always wanted one for my violin but it's too much money to spend on an instrument I don't play so often. This is a wonderful knock-off at a much lower price. I don't have it in my hand at the moment but I'm surprised to see here that they call it a wooden shoulder rest. My observational memory says plastic painted to look like wood and not real wood (it's super glossy and lightweight) but I could be wrong.

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