Epson S042384 Brochure and Flyer Paper Matte, Double-Sided (White)

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  • Heavyweight paper stock provides a Premium look and feel
  • Specially Designed with a matte coated finish to make colors and text impactful
  • Double-sided - Print on both sides
  • Great for brochures, flyers, calendars, newsletters, and much more
  • Heavyweight, double-sided paper; specially designed to make colors and text more impactful, Great for brochures, flyers, calendars, newsletters and much more, Works with all ink jet printers
  • Flat matte finish - impactful colors and text
  • Heavyweight - can be used for a variety of applications

Product Description

Brochure & Flyer Paper Matte Double-sided, 8.5 -Inch x 11 -Inch, 150 sheet pack.

January 15, 2020
I make a family calendar every year that includes everyone's birthdays and wedding anniversaries, plus photos from the activities of the families during the previous year. I like the heavier paper, and it prints photos as well as calendar on both sides. I tried other papers for years and never got the good results I get with double-sided paper.
Sanford S. Shulman
September 12, 2019
June 22, 2017
I have used this product for at least 10 years. It is a good substitute for Double-sided Matte paper, and I really don't see much difference for my purposes. It's heavy enough to use it for title cards for exhibits and similar purposes. It feeds through the sheet feeder on my Epson printers except for the 4900, which died after about 3 years anyway. and my Surecolor P800 works great with it. Normally I use that paper with B&W text or color, but not pictures, although it should be almost as good as matte paper for that.
VA Duck
July 25, 2015
Very good brochure paper. I like the 48 Lb / 9.8 mil thickness. It moves through an inkjet printer without issue and yet is heavy enough that it handles as 'card stock' rather than 'paper'. This brochure paper replaces a very-good, 8 mil, Staples brand brochure stock. My Epson printer does NOT roll the paper before the print head so the path is straightforward and I encountered no jams. According to the Epson container, "works with all ink jet printers" and I found no reason to doubt that.

The most obvious difference is the color tone of the Epson paper, it has a very slight warm tone - not as bright-white as the Staples paper it replaces. This may be subtle enough to go unnoticed without a side-by-side comparison. I printed the same drawing front & back side (including ¼ point cyan line widths) and compared both the Epson and Staples papers using a magnifier and found no difference in line width, or edge linearity - i.e. no blotting. The color saturation and contrast (particularly blacks) are noticeably higher on the Epson paper - a harder surface (?) or illusion from the surface tone? Probably a harder surface, since pencil marks show less broad and dark.

The translucence of both papers seemed equal - when both products were held to window light the opposite-side print showed equally (not objectionably) through both, even though the Epson paper is nearly 2 mil heavier. The Epson paper is in fact 'double sided' as advertised; my drawings printed on both sides of the brochure with equal quality.

A HALF star off would have been a more accurate deduction, and that only for the very slightly 'warm' tone of the paper, and maybe that should be given back because of the higher color saturation and deeper blacks, in any case, I will buy this paper again and recommend it.
October 29, 2014
This paper is just what I was looking for. Thick enough that you can print on both sides and not see through, thin enough - and I can't stress how important this is to me - to go through a cheap printer without me having to sit next to the printer to avoid paper jams. The other papers I've tried are too thick, and don't present any better than this paper so this is the winner! The thinness makes it easier to fold as well. It is not pre-scored, it is not advertised as such. If you buy this paper expecting it to be pre-scored you didn't read the description. I use this paper to make bifolds, so I'm glad I can fold it to the size I want. Here's some tips for folding: You can score the paper with a paperclip before folding it for the crispest folds, use a ruler and set the sheets on a surface that is marked for the folds. Do a couple first then when you know you've got it right go through the whole stack. If you fold by hand, first do a light fold by pinching the edges together while holding the sides together so they match up. After you create a stack of folded pieces, line them up, and fold them as a single piece. This will also give you crisp folds.

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